“Dia de los Muertos”

Saturday, November 2 @ 1pm SLT

Scifi Expo 2019 - Dia de los Muertos poster 1El grande “Dia de los Muertos” party and Scifi Expo kickoff! Come dressed up in your spookiest costume, or just come as you are! There’s gonna be live singers Mason Thorne and Vampink Cuddihy, and DJ Irish Breen to rock your afternoon away! And it’s all to benefit the American Cancer Society’s fight against cancer! All party donation will go straight to Relay for Life.


And if you have not signed up for the Scifi Expo, now’s a great time to do it! Just find an available booth and let richmerk know!


Name the Sims!

We have the sim themes finalized for the 2020 Scifi Con, so now it’s time to pick names, and for the first time ever, we’re opening up the decision-making process to everyone!

The sim themes are:

  • Dinosaurs
  • Ancient Aliens
  • Underwater
  • Steampunk
  • Atompunk
  • Cyberpunk
  • Post-Apocalypse

Please visit our poll page and cast your vote for your favorite name for each of the sims:



Scifi Con 2020 Dates Confirmed!

The Scifi Con is swinging around in its yearly orbit and heading back towards us. Our crack teams have done the calculations and consulted the higher entities of the cosmos and discovered the exact dates.

Scifi Con 2020 will take place from May 12-26, 2020.

Setup Days: May 12-15
Con Days: May 15-24
Gala Ball: May 25
Breakdown Day: May 26

The Con sims will pop into existence some time on Tuesday May 12, and the Con Team will get right to work parceling the booths and setting up the infrastructure. As soon as the parcels are done, all booth owners will be invited to come on over and start setting up their own builds. Building will continue through Friday, May 15. Even though the Con is not ‘officially’ open yet, half the fun for us is watching it being built.  🙂

The Con will officially open to everyone on Friday afternoon  The Welcome Ceremony will be held on Saturday afternoon, May 16, with a giant party! Shopping, shows, and other entertainments will fill every day until Sunday afternoon, May 24, when we’ll cap off the official Con with another giant party!

Monday, May 25 is a bonus day! There will be no more scheduled shows, so you can spend the day walking around the Con, visiting all the shops you missed, and taking the time to stop and appreciate all the marvelous things that have been built. But the day’s highlight will be the Grand Gala Ball! One last chance for us all to get together. We’ll dance, we’ll laugh, and well announce the winners of all the big contests!

Tuesday May 26 is Con Breakdown Day. This is your last chance to pick up your prims before the Con sims once again dissolve back into the virtual ether for another year.

As soon as we can, we will announce the sim themes, so you can start thinking about what you want your booths to look like!


Anime in Jazz

Rubin Mayo’s “Anime in Jazz” dance was one of the fun and imaginative highlights of the 2019 Scifi Con, and he’s kindly shared his video with us! Enjoy the trip down memory lane. 🙂


Scifi Con 2020!

Yup, believe it or not, the crew got restless and started working on the 2020 Convention even before the dust of the 2019 Con had settled! A few of the sim designs are already being shaped and molded on our factory floors. Blog pages are being re-written and clarified, and plans are afoot for lots of new treats and goodies for next year!

This year we took you on a trip through space — next year we’ll be going on a trip through time!

No dates have been officially been set yet, though we are tentatively looking at late May again.


Scifi Con 2019 Feedback Results – Part 2

Let’s start off Part Two of the Feedback posts with some more meaty, critical comments. Things you guys did not like, or want to see improved, and finish up with things you want to see in the future.

Some of you do not like the new Most Popular Booth contest, citing unfairness to small booths that are not able to generate the same level of donations as larger booths. I’m not sure I totally agree with that, but I can certainly see where you’re coming from.

The system we have in place right now is primarily a fundraising tool, and in that respect, it works fantastically. The contest alone brought in almost 300k L$. I don’t think it would be a wise move to discontinue something so successful, You guys have all been super generous, so it’s very good odds that we’ll be seeing it again in 2020.

The problem with the old-style contests we used to do is that they were kind of ridiculously pointless. The categories were weird, and votes were complete nonsense. For example, in 2016, I won “Best Actor”, and that’s just silly. Plus, every single category had the same basic results. For example, if we had 50 votes cast, 48 of them were 1 vote each for 48 different booths (people voting for themselves), one booth had 5 votes, and one booth had 8 votes (because they had friends). In every category, no matter if it even made sense to vote for that booth for that category. So the result for every single category was that the same booth won them all, the same booth came in second everywhere, and everyone else at the Con came in a tie for third. The reason that the Award Ceremony was a little more diverse was because we sometimes just threw this nonsense away and made something up.

So what does all this mean?

Well, some of you suggested that we do a contest arbitrated by impartial judges. That’s something we’ve never done before, and I kinda like the idea. What I will do is contact the RFL and see if any of their bigwigs would be interested in judging, and then we’ll make up some sane categories. This is an idea that will need more fleshing out as we get closer to Con2020.

A few of you complained that there was not enough Con advertising, that you didn’t know it was happening. That there were no group joiners, no event calendars, and that there were not enough types of events / number of events / event locations. These are complaints that I just don’t understand.

The Con itself was advertised in multiple SL groups, as well as in the Firestorm Message-of-the-Day and Linden Calendar ever since we opened up Registration at the beginning of 2019.

We had group joiners and calendars in every Hub and on some street corners throughout the entire Con. The event calendar was also on the Blog. We advertised every event in multiple SL groups throughout the day, as well as in Linden Calendar, Estate Notices, and Conference Chats.

We had events scheduled from 9AM to Midnight SLT on most days.

We had two main stages, as well as multiple skyboxes, as well as several booths hosting events.

We had guest speakers, live musicians, DJs, tribute bands, musical theater, book readings, dance troupes, and live theater.

Here are a few links to various groups and web pages:

Blog: https://scificonventionsl.wordpress.com/

Discord: https://discord.gg/xBR7fD

We had a couple of very negative comments about the Hunt, but from the descriptions, it was clear that it was just not understood how the Scifi Con’s Hunt works. (It’s different than Fantasy Faire.) So obviously we will need to work on making the Hunt instructions much more clear for 2020.

We had many complaints about the difficulty of signing up to be a performer at the Con…  filling out very extensive and elaborate notecards and forms and such. Rest assured, entertainers, that whole process will be completely streamlined by 2020. Please don’t give up on us. 2019 was a learning year for us in the world of SL entertainments.I think we have it figured out now. 🙂

A lot of us (including me) miss the Milky Way Cabaret. Their shows were always thoroughly enjoyable, and a staple of the Con every year. Unfortunately, to the best of my knowledge, the MWC is gone, but we’ll keep checking in with them just in case they want to make a comeback. 🙂

Here’s a few things you guys mentioned that you’d really like to see in 2020:

  • Add a Gatcha area – Yes! We would like to do that, as well as add an RFL vendor area.
  • Movie Night! – Yes! We would very much like to see the return of movie night.
  • More actor interviews – Sure! If you know any actors that would be interested in coming in to SL, let us know!
  • Better blog – Yes, I agree. If you know someone that would like to be the full-time Scifi Con blogger, let us know.
  • Better placement of the candle memorial – Yes, I agree. To be totally honest, I completely forgot about the candle memorial this year and then had to scramble to find a place for it.
  • Swag! – Yes!
  • Interactive elements – I’m not really sure what that means, but sounds good to me.  🙂 I’m thinking casual seating areas where people can sit and relax a while before continuing their shopping, or even games and rides, if we can come up with good stuff.


Scifi Con 2019 Feedback Results – Part 1

Ok, boys and girls, it’s sharing time! I’ve mentioned a few times that the Scifi Con staff was paying close attention to all the feedback you guys have been giving. Most of it’s been very useful and we’re putting it to good use. Here are a few of our thoughts so far:

A lot of you really liked the cohesiveness of the themes this year. We do too and will definitely again have an overall Con theme with each sim theme as some sort of sub-genre of that overall theme. We’ll talk more about specific themes in the future.

You were quite insistent that all sims have actual roads. We couldn’t agree more, and we’ll go one step further. In 2020 we will try to do something new for us — having one single road snake through the entire Con with no (or very limited) intersections —- something that you guys have been asking for for many years.

We had a few suggestions to group similar booths together, by franchise, by genre, or by whether they were stores or RP groups. We won’t be doing that. For one thing, if we placed all booths of one type in a certain place, not all those booths will necessarily match (or want to match) that sim’s theme. For another, participants have always had the freedom to choose their own spots, to be next to friends, to fit the sim’s theme, or whatever, and we really don’t want to change that.

Some of you mentioned maybe having non-scifi merchants. We had a few in 2019, and will continue to cultivate new contacts.

Some of you suggested that the Con was too close to the Relay Weekend, and that prevented us from doing extra shopping days after the scheduled Con ended. Actually, we have never done extra shopping days. Sims cost a lot of money to rent, so we feel that every day that we extend the Con is money taken away from RFL cancer donations. Lag wouldn’t go down after the ‘official’ end of the Con to allow more lag-free shopping, so there’s really no point anyway.

Many people have requested sim maps of all the booths. We’ve done those in the past. One year we even had a TP HUD to take you to any store you wanted. Unfortunately, RL issues kept us from doing maps this year, but it’s definitely something we want to have again in the future.

According to the feedback results, a lot of you liked the giant central hub with the little shopping mall shops inside. You really liked the miniature map setup we use during the registration process, where you can visually see where your booth will be. You appreciated the fact that RFL had a much more visible presence at the Con. You liked the train! Well, those things will all be back with improvements at the 2020 Con!

That’s all for this installment. We’ll do Part 2 in a few days. I hope to hear from you guys on what you think! And if you still want to tell us your thoughts, the Questionnaire is still open and available! Click Here.