Sci Fi Con 12 Participants

On behalf the Sci Fi Con 12 Admin, Events Staff and Volunteers we would like to thank everyone that participated and contributed to help surpass the goal of donations given to Relay for Life! The Sci Fi Con 12 raised approximately L$1,525,416 = US$ 6,101.67 as of midnight last night! Last year the total of Lindens raised was a little over L$1.4m. We are looking forward to this this explosive day and hope you can attend the days festivities starting at 3pm. In the meantime, make sure to visit all the regions and get a glimpse of each of our fantastic sponsor’s booths. Make sure to pay attention to random announcements that may get you into dancing from time to time during the day. We may even get some special tunes in the booths also.

But prepare yourself to come to the Sci Fi Con hub at 3pm!

We know that next year seems far, far, away, but our Team is ready to take that voyage where no man has gone before (because it’s not 2021 yet and it’s in the future, so we haven’t got there) and start planning the next convention very soon. If you have suggestions or comments please feel free to send us information and also you can fill out this survey at

Thank you and stay safe!

Sci Fi Con 12!

Last day of Scifi Con 2020 started

There he is now. The last day of the Scifi convention is upon us. We are all very sad on one side, on the other side we have put together some really nice events for you for the day of farewell.

So here are the last event notes for this year.


9a – DJ Genoveva – Steampunk DJ Arena
11a – Jail and Bail – Performance Platform 2
2p – Sky Fire In Space – Sky Venue
3p – D.R.U.M – Steampunk Theater
4p – Flash Mob Dance – Random Sims
5p – Witchwhisper Live – Steampunk Concert Stage
6p – Larree Quixote – Steampunk Theater
7p – Radiospiral – Cypress Rosewood – Steampunk DJ Arena
8p – DJ Irish and the Events Staff Host – Sci Fi Con 12’s End Gala – Theater
11p – Movie Night – Arrival -Steampunk Theater


Take the slurl below or copy the landmark into your inventory and click it! When you arrive at the landing point, you will be on a big clock. Look for the stairs between the big billboard and the Event Manager online status section! Once rezzed you should see two red flashing arrows pointing down at a staircase. Please take the staircase up to the airship, walk into the airship and look for the the current event’s portal.

Some words from the Events Staff

The Sci Fi Con Event Staff has been working hard to keep all the events positive and on time. We try to make your experience the best possible.

We understand that during this world crisis that many people are stressed and overwhelmed in real life and sometimes real-world obligations supersede those in world. So, we understand and have been working hard to keep you entertained as much as possible each day of the con on schedule.

We hope that those who did book events and could not make it are still safe in the real world and will welcome them back in Second Life with open arms. Everyone, please keep being considerate of those around you in the current state of the world and stay safe!

Sci Fi Con 12 Events Staff